Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

TODAY we are running errands after big bro’s baseball game. The guys fell asleep almost as soon as the car started moving…now I am waiting in the car with the sleeping boys while Mike gets our stuff done. Advertisements

Basketball Cupcakes

Big Bro has become a huge Knicks/basketball fan this season (thanks to my love for the sport and JLin) that it was an obvious theme for his 7th birthday! Not only is he super excited for the game, but so am I!

Learning to Write

Before my students can begin to write their name, I first introduce them to basic strokes (likes lines and circles) that are needed to eventually form letters in the alphabet. The first stroke I introduce is “line down”. It’s seemingly easy, but can actually be quite challenging when fine motor issues are present. A fun … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

At the fair…hubby trying to win a prize for the kids. Through. Often framing your photo’s composition through something else is the best thing you could do to it. It gives the viewer even more context into what your eye saw in that moment in time. Sometimes it modifies the entire tone or meaning of … Continue reading

DIY Baby Blankets

Once I got my feet wet with sewing some Kitchen Dish Towels, I wanted to try and learn how to make some flannel baby blankets to use on the diaper cakes I made for people. Off to the internet I went for tutorials. Here are links to the one’s I found most useful: momspark.net The … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

This past weekend we were invited to the circus for my niece’s birthday. The sights at the circus were amazing, thrilling, and “unusual”. I could not help but wonder about the lives of the circus performers and what led them to life on the road with the circus…

Handmade birthday cards

If you haven’t quite learned about my love for custom cards, invitations, and party elements – then let me just take a second to say I ADORE paper crafting! My tools of choice for designing are Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, a tape/glue gun, a paper cutter, and various paper punches. BUT nothing says handmade louder … Continue reading

Easy Dinner

The other night I just had no time to cook. After work, the kids and I ran around to soccer clinic (for them) and yoga class (for me). By the time we got home, we only had a couple hours left for dinner, homework, showers, bedtime. Luckily, I had some trusty Trader Joe’s on hand … Continue reading

DIY DishTowels

Two summers ago, I decided I wanted to learn how to sew.  After reading countless blogs on basic sewing techniques and simple beginner projects, I settled on trying this tutorial found on Sew4Home.  This site is filled with projects that it was actually overwhelming to choose.  When I have more time, I want to try my hand … Continue reading