How I fell in love with DIY…

Like with most relationships, there is a defining moment, a necessity to perpetuate, a reason to make something work out.   In my case, my relationship with DIY began while preparing for our wedding.  SuperMan and I wanted a beautiful day to remember, BUT we knew we did not exactly have the budget to support our vision.  Thus, the search for how I could make our wedding dreams a reality became my hobby  obsession.

I searched for the perfect invitation.  I scoured through wedding formus, lived on The Knot, and met countless other same goal oriented brides like myself!

Here is the photo (not the best view of) our wedding invitation.  It was my first design and done entirely in Microsoft Word!! My source for inspiration was from the Envelopments site where I quickly felt overwhelmed with excitement on all the possibility!

Next assignment were the reception favors.  I loved the idea of the Godiva mini-wedding cakes for each guest…but clearly was not loving the cost.  SO I learned to make them myself.  We made approximately 150 3-tiered mini wedding cakes.  Each one had tiny hand-painted flowers on their tiers and were meticulously “glued” together. They came out gorgeous and tasted delicious too!  Though I must admit, I did not want to look at chocolate for a LONG time after this project.

There you have it — these were my defining moments in falling in love with DIY!  These 2 projects required so much time, energy, and research but gave me ridiculous amount of satisfaction and joy!  These life-changing projects would not have been made possible without my dear bridesmaids and mother.  We spent countless hours in the “sweat-shop” – laughing, eating, gluing, tying ribbons, etc.

Since 2003 until now, I continue my love for crafty eye-candy.  I am always on the prowl for the next thing to learn how to do.  I truly enjoy sharing what I can with others and helping people make their special events “perfect” without spending more than is necessary.

…send my way any craft projects you have up your sleeve…I can’t wait to see and bookmark more goodies and try out as many crafts as I can!


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