Butterfly Party Circles Printable

With spring just around the corner, our Etsy Shop’s best seller is back!

These are Butterfly Party Circles…check out the different things you could do with just some simple printable party circles.  This design was inspired by the Butterfly themed invitation we made for my niece’s birthday party.

I ❤ butterflies!


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One thought on “Butterfly Party Circles Printable

  1. Awesome..I have an etsy site…though I haven’t collected much vintage, or created a lot of desirable, sell-able stuff lately …

    Would really appreciate your hitting the “Like” button on my: http://sonsothunder.wordpress.com/2012/03/02/weekly-photo-challenge-distorted/#comments
    I apparently got my entry in before everyone burned out on the Weekly Challenge Topic this time…and never saw so many Likes…

    Your pretty face is bound to attract more…it certainly isn’t from my photographic ability…

    Thanks ( trying to reach 100 before moving on to another post, and I think I’m @ 88 now)

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