Learning to Write

Before my students can begin to write their name, I first introduce them to basic strokes (likes lines and circles) that are needed to eventually form letters in the alphabet. The first stroke I introduce is “line down”. It’s seemingly easy, but can actually be quite challenging when fine motor issues are present.
A fun way we practice “line down” is by trying to make simple pictures that incorporate the specific stroke we are working on. Last week, we practiced making balloons. My students were so much more motivated to write and draw when they recognized that they made balloons!
I pre-cut different color circles for each child to glue onto their paper. They produced the “line down” for the balloon string and voila! Balloons!





2 thoughts on “Learning to Write

  1. what a great way to teach them the basics!!! i may just have to tell my sister-in-law since i noticed that my nephew writes from down up. thanks for the tip!!! =)

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