Hi there and welcome to ‘multicraftster’! I am married to my very own SuperMan, have 2 boys (ages 6 and 3), am a preschool special education teacher, and also am a mom-preneur. In between working full-time, driving Big Bro to and from sports practices, playing with the Little Man, designing paper party elements, and watching all our DVR’d shows after hours with SuperMan…I am dreaming, bookmarking, and toiling away in my little happy crafty place. I love collecting ideas from all over the web for “The Next Big Project”. I am in awe of all the amazing talent that is out there (mainly from other fabulous women & mommies)! In no way do I proclaim myself as an extremely gifted crafter. But, what I do have is the deep desire within me to learn something new, create whenever I can, and share the things I find and/or make!

On this blog, I will be posting all the fun things I save in my special “craft” bookmark folder. I will carve out some “me” time every now and then to share my latest projects. I will try to pay it forward and hope to inspire you to feel that giddy feeling of seeing something you thought you could never do and realize that you just did!

Crafting and learning a new craft gives me that outlet which helps me be a better wife, mother, teacher,  friend.

Have fun and enjoy discovering your creative self! I am so excited to meet more amazing people along this journey….

let’s go get “multicrafting”!



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