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Basketball Cupcakes

Big Bro has become a huge Knicks/basketball fan this season (thanks to my love for the sport and JLin) that it was an obvious theme for his 7th birthday! Not only is he super excited for the game, but so am I! Advertisements

DIY Baby Blankets

Once I got my feet wet with sewing some Kitchen Dish Towels, I wanted to try and learn how to make some flannel baby blankets to use on the diaper cakes I made for people. Off to the internet I went for tutorials. Here are links to the one’s I found most useful: The … Continue reading

DIY DishTowels

Two summers ago, I decided I wanted to learn how to sew.  After reading countless blogs on basic sewing techniques and simple beginner projects, I settled on trying this tutorial found on Sew4Home.  This site is filled with projects that it was actually overwhelming to choose.  When I have more time, I want to try my hand … Continue reading

Butterfly Party Part II

These are more elements to the Butterfly Party inspired for my niece’s birthday party a couple years ago.  Needless to say, I love butterflies, so when my sister-in-law asked me to help her design and invitation around the theme, I was thrilled! These are the invitation samples that inspired it all: Linking to: Sugar Bee … Continue reading

Butterfly Party Circles Printable

With spring just around the corner, our Etsy Shop’s best seller is back! These are Butterfly Party Circles…check out the different things you could do with just some simple printable party circles.  This design was inspired by the Butterfly themed invitation we made for my niece’s birthday party. I ❤ butterflies!    

Diaper Cake inspiration and tutorial

I went through a phase of loving to make diaper cakes.  The first one I made, I spent a lot time rolling every last diaper and wrapping them with rubber bands (not realizing how annoying this probably was for the mommy and daddy of a newborn). After seeing this tutorial (see link below) my diaper … Continue reading

How I fell in love with DIY…

Like with most relationships, there is a defining moment, a necessity to perpetuate, a reason to make something work out.   In my case, my relationship with DIY began while preparing for our wedding.  SuperMan and I wanted a beautiful day to remember, BUT we knew we did not exactly have the budget to support … Continue reading